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WarAge was formed in mid-2002 in São Paulo/Brazil, with the meeting of Filippe Tonini (guitars) and Vitor Furioso (drums) studying in the same college and Carlos Fornazari (vocals) and Fernando Lopes (bass) was subsequently joining to finish the team.

With a proposal to perform a traditional Heavy Metal and lyrics about wars and religions, WarAge starts the compositions of his songs. But the band had instabilities in their lineup and broke up, with less than two years.

After ten years, the band decided to resume its activities. Soon they entered the studio to resume compositions and began recording their first album, entitled Behind My Mask.

The album was released in October 2015, with 11 tracks that mix the influences of the band within the genre, with the production of Henrique baboom (Jeff Scott Sotto, Wages, King Bird, Panzer, The Mission) and art design by João Duarte (Torture Squad , Korzus, Almah, Angra).

Soon after the album’s release, Vitor Furioso left the band and was replaced by Sandy Hirahata.

The band is currently making some gigs to promote the album.

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